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Monday, 28 January 2013

Training for Community Centre Volunteers

An invitation to VCC Volunteers for Training

In response to the recent survey the VCC carried out using funds from the Lottery they identified a set of training to meet the following objectives:

1. Roles and responsibilities of Trustees
2. Making best use of volunteers
3. Funding and making grant applications
4. Engaging with the community
5. Managing external communications

The Community Centre team have now commissioned Community First New Forest to deliver a package of training in the second week of March. (Full details below)

The Trustees, value the time and commitment of volunteers to the VCC, and warmly invite them to any or all of these sessions. This is not designed to ask volunteers to do more, but to reinforce that they are a key part of the success of the centre and to feel fully engaged with what Community Centre does. The training will not only give  a better idea of the big picture of how the centre runs, but also provide an opportunity to influence how it develops in the future. Volunteers might also feel that they have other skills to offer, they may also have views about how volunteers are managed, and have suggestions about how this can be improved or modified.

Please let John know if you would like to attend any of the sessions as soon as possible. If there are sufficient numbers the training can be reated. So if you cannot make the dates chosen but are interested, please let John know and there might be an alternative possible.

John Whitley-Trustee VCC - - 01590 644039

Please see below for details of courses:

Programme of Training for Milford on Sea Community Centre. To be delivered by Community First New Forest in the VCC.

Session 1: Monday 11th March. 9.30am-12.30pm

Roles and Responsibilities of Trustees.
To cover the role of Trustees and how the Charity is managed. This is suitable for both existing Trustees, those who might consider becoming a Trustee, and those who are just interested in what Trustees do and how things are run.

Session 2: Wednesday 13th March 9.30am-12.30pm

Volunteer Training session.
This session is about the development of volunteers. It covers how to enable and support volunteers. It deals with how to make volunteering an enjoyable activity and use the skills of volunteers to help run the charity. Will be of interest to all volunteers and Trustees.

Session 3: Thursday 14th March 9.30am-12.30pm

Funding and How to make Applications. To cover sources of Funding and the best way to apply for funding. For all those who might help the VCC directly or have suggestions in looking for funding to support its activities are most welcome..

Session 4: Friday 15th March 9.30am-12.30am-Lunch-1.30pm-3.30pm

Engaging with the community and external communications. This longer session combines the issues of how to engage with the local community effectively and how to manage external communications. All those who want to help the VCC or just give their ideas are most welcome.

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