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Friday, 13 April 2012

Westover changes hands

We are sad to see David & Christine Smith move on from Westover Hall.  Over the past few years they have been warm and generous hosts, putting a lot of work into maintaining the standards and service at their hotel and restaurant in the heart of Milford on Sea.

Rumour has it that Westover Hall in currently in the process of being taken over, and we hear that the new owners will be Hall & Woodhouse.

The magificent Grade II Listed Victorian mansion enjoys uninterrupted views of Christchurch Bay, the Isle of Wight and the 'Needles' rocks. The hotel even has its own private beach hut, which enjoys panoramic views stretching from Hurst Castle in the east to Hengistbury Head in the west. Westover Hall currently has the fine dining 'One Park Lane' Restaurant, a cosy bar, and the 'Vista' Bistro for casual dinning.  It of course remains to be seen how the new owners view the best way to organise and run the establishment.  Let's just hope that it continues to include great food!

Built by the famous Victorian architect Arnold Mitchell in 1897, Westover Hall features a magnificent series of stained-glass windows, extensive oak panelling and ceilings decorated in high relief.  Inside, this imposing mansion has a minstrels gallery and impressive stained glass windows, built in the Arts and Craft Style.

We have discovered that Hall and Woodhouse are an independent family company owned and run by the fifth generation of the Woodhouse family. The pub estate has grown to over 250 and stretches from Exeter to Eastbourne and Hemel Hempstead - in the North.   They are also the brewers of the award winning Badger bottled beers, which can be found nationally in leading supermarkets and off licenses. Hall & Woodhouse has a turnover approaching £90m and over 1,500 employees.

As a new era dawns, thanks go to David & Christine for being great hosts, and welcome to our new owners at Westover Hall.

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