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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Congregation on Village Green

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A surprisingly frosty Good Friday morning gave concern of poor weather for the day. However, by mid morning the sun had done its job and magically create a lovely warm and sunny day.

At midday a large crowd gathered on the Milford on Sea Village Green to join in with the Good Friday Service held by All Saints’ Church.

As I was passing, I thought a few pictures would not go a miss. An enthusiastic gathering of around 200 people were enjoying the music, songs and sermons, and the Easter service was lead by our village Reverend, Dominic Furness, with his usual charismatic style. Everyone had been made very welcome, whether local or passing holidaymaker.

I particularly like the bit where free hot cross buns were given out!

As you might expect, I am more familiar with ‘service’ in terms of restaurants, rather than religious. However, believer or not, it was clear that many people were enjoying themselves, and there is something heartwarming in seeing people having a good time.

Village life is quite special when so many diverse activities can take place in the centre of our village throughout the year. Long may it continue!


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