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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Parishioner support in difficult times

If you, or a member of your family, a friend or neighbour or someone you know in the parish needs financial help to get through a difficulty then you may wish to contact Milford United Charities. They are able to offer financial support on a once-off basis to those people who live within the ecclesiastical parish of Milford on Sea, and who need financial help to further their education or training or who face an unexpected financial demand to respond to a personal emergency.

This village charity has supported the development of individuals within the parish of Milford on Sea for over one hundred years. (Since 1906). The Welfare State has in many cases now stepped in to replace their endeavours, however there remain a number of exceptional circumstances in which they are still able to play a positive role.

In recent years they have contributed towards educational and vocational course fees, travel costs to college and exceptional costs to visit sick relatives.

If you feel that your, or anyone you knows circumstances may be helped by support from Milford United Charities please contact one of the Trustees below:

Christopher Beeton: 01590 644609
Rev Dominic Furness: 01590 643289
David Newnham: 01590 674288
Christopher Sanders: 01590 644844

Milford United Charities (Charity Commission Registered Number 234709)

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