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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Enfants dans le Besoin Day

England is soon to once again get involved with people doing worthy and silly things for ‘Children in Need’. Chatting to French friend, well I say ‘friend’, actually he was one of the dustmen that come every morning (I think, he thinks, I am Australian), I asked if they had ‘Children in Need’. “That’s run by the BBC vous Aussie imbecilé”; he said in poor French.

This gave me an idea, I would have an ‘Enfants dans le Besoin Day’. So next Friday, I am offering my new local community: Cricket Lessons, a talk on ‘Why it is Good to Eat Indian Food & Marmite’, and a Master Class on ‘How to Read Road Signs & Not Just Pull Out in Front of Me.’

I hear that back in the UK, Christina from Bon Appetit’s daughter, Maja, is raising funds for Children in Need. On Friday next, 4th November from 10.30am she will be on the village Green having a 'Bake a Difference Cake Sale’ until all her cakes have sold out! If you fancy popping along to either I am sure you will have a good time.

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