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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Billy in France

Just thought, when we get to France we will have no friends, so I will be ‘Billy No Mates’ with only my wife and dogs providing occasional conversation.  I shall of course be regularly conversing fluently with my new gallic neighbours, but it’s not the same as the ridiculous conversations I get involved with in Milford on Sea.

Anyway, as I shall be keeping in touch with absent friends through the ‘News Bulletin’, it occurred to me that lots of people in the village still do not get a copy. This may be because they understandably avoid me, or perhaps they don’t know about.  So, this is where you come in please.  Your lonely ‘temporary Frenchman’ would really appreciate if you could send the two links below to all of your friends and force ask them all to sign up to receive the Newsletter.  Then if anyone responds, I can sit looking overlooking The English Channel musing about home, and the new people who will be wondering why I bother to write such nonsense!

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