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Friday, 7 October 2011

Bench blockade

One of our intrepid unrewarded, yet enthusiastic reporters has spotted something quite odd. A rustic bench has appeared at the bottom of the footpath leading from Keyhaven Road (opposite Carrington Lane) to Sturt Pond. On an evening dog walk up the Sturt Pond footpath it wasn't there, the next morning, it was, and with traffic cones around it (whilst the cement to hold it in the ground dried off no doubt). Then the cones went and the bench remained, right across the bulk of the entrance to the footpath. She thought someone had done it as a joke, but as is often the case, fact is far weirder than fiction.

Of course benches are pleasant places to sit and while away the time, but I have not come across many that pretty much act as a blockade to an entire footpath. A bit of luck the kids are all grown up, I wouldn’t fancy my chances of getting a pram down there. Just a thought, the bench could really do with a table, and perhaps a matching partner facing it on the road. Would be great for picnic then.

I do however see a great opportunity for people like myself. Keeping fit is a bit of a challenge, but a swift run up, and the bench can become a great hurdle to jump. Indeed for the less able, they can simply stand on the seat and jump over the back.

Your very own village ‘Inspector Clueso’ would welcome any more information, or ridiculous comments, so if you have any thoughts please post them below.


  1. Yes the bench it is ridiculous and not a very nice one eaither I would rather see the telephone box back than look at that. Yes it dose block the path and to be honest who wants to sit there and look at all the cars going past??? Also who said lets put a bench there?.Only last week i put on my facebook page about the bench and who put it there people thought it was free to a good home it looks so out of place . Bring back the path and put the bench somewhere else :-)

  2. I thought it was a prank too ! Blocking the very used footpath (commonly known as, "Dog poo Alley" ) ? inspired ! It's not even an attractive bench.

    I gather it is to allow weary walkers a stop in between Keyhaven & Milford... just a few more steps are a plethera of lovely cafes to take a rest !!

    Now, what is a lovely bench is the new one on the green, placed there on the first anniversary of his death in memory of local boy Jack Boothroyd.