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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Aliens invaded Milford on Sea

Whilst meandering through the web I came across an article on the ‘Milford Science Fiction Writers Conference’. This annual writers' workshop was founded in 1956, and held in Milford, Pennsylvania, where several Si-Fi writers – including one of its founders, Damon Knight had lived at various times. The success of Milford event was directly responsible for the setting up of the ‘Science Fiction Writers of America’. The conference group had a balance between beginner writers and more experienced professionals and they earned the nickname ‘Milford Mafia’.

Now this is where it gets interesting, founder member James Blish and his wife, J A Lawrence, moved to the UK, where they set up a UK ‘Milford Science Fiction Writers Conference’ in 1972, coincidentally the year in which the 'US Milford' was officially pronounced dead. The ‘Milford Science Fiction Writers Conference’ was then held until 1988, out of terminological nostalgia, at Milford on Sea in Hampshire each autumn. Thereafter it was held at Cheltenham (1989-1990) and Margate (1991 onwards).

If you see anything strange in the night skies, it may be a leftover from the eighties.

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