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Friday, 16 September 2011

A trip to the Movies in Milford

Some exciting leaflets have appeared in the village shops, which details the screening programme for the new ‘Milford Movies’. 

The Milford on Sea Community Centre has now raised the funds, and organised the necessary equipment, to bring box office films to the heart of the village.  James Flintoff and his celluloid team have put together an impressive range of films over the coming months.  The biggest problem may be getting a seat!

Season Tickets are now on sale at Gwen’s in the High Street (or from the web link at the bottom of this page.)  There are two sorts - the Gold Ticket which covers all ten evening screenings for a heavily discounted price of £30.00 - that means you get to see 4 free films - and the Silver Ticket which covers all five afternoon films for £15.00 which works out at 2 free films. 

The bar will be open for half an hour before each screening until the end of the interval with a full range of licensed and soft drinks,  and of course, ice creams. Can't be bad!

The film club only has 50 available tickets for each screening, so if there are any left after the season tickets have been sold, they will be released as individual tickets just two weeks before each show.  I suspect that each screening will be a sell out, so a season tickets sounds a great way of ensuring you get a seat.

I asked my wife is she would like me to buy us a season ticket in the back row for old times sake, but as you may imagine she did not get too excited about the idea.  So, it looks like I will be sitting at the back with ‘Bert’ my imaginary friend, a big bag of popcorn and giant hot dog!

To see the programme of films coming to the village, please click on the image below.

To buy your Season Ticket, please visit:

Click image to enlarge

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