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Saturday, 18 December 2010

It's snowing again!

I was abruptly woken this tediously cold winter morning by a gloved slap in the face. I immediately wondered what I had done wrong now. As there was no follow up to the initial assault, I just laid assessing the situation and realised it was simply a subconscious action from my snoring wife. How such an angelic face can sound like a warthog at feeding time is beyond me. As I laid waiting for the sting to subside, I realised that l was now sleeping with a fully kitted out close relative of ‘Scott of the Antarctic’. To think it was only fifteen years ago that bedtime attire for my wife was only a subtle squirt of perfume, and me just in my ‘furry lounge suit’. These days my wife takes what feels like hours to arrive in bed, going through a ritual process of adding numerous layers of ridiculously coloured warm bedwear. I on the other hand still only wear my ‘furry lounge suit’, although it is quite a different shape & size these days.

As I turned my bruised head towards the window, I could just see though my black eye that it was snowing heavily again. Hmm this weather did not go so well last time.

As I got up to start yet another exciting day, I heard my wife bark two clear instructions from deep within her cocoon of bedding. ‘Before you starting writing any more rubbish on your website, you can clear the drive & de-ice the car’.

This may be harder than it sounds!

Taz is enjoying it though!

*Thanks for the first couple of pictures Penny.

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